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Duct Cleaning can help save on energy costs.

With your air ducts being a place for dust, hair and pests to collect, it can hinder the efficiency of the air flow throughout your home. Cleaning out your duct... READ MORE

Shore up when needed

The structural damage in this home was truly tragic. When our professional team arrived to the Somerset home, we realized the extent of the damage. Our crews im... READ MORE

Storms can cause all types of damage

This Seattle home suffered an electrical fire that was caused by a power outage during a storm. The homeowner was able to get out safely and call 911. His next ... READ MORE

Property damage needs immediate attention.

If your home has experienced damage for any reason, and is exposed to the elements, give SERVPRO a call. We can provide board up services and tarping to ensure ... READ MORE

Heavy rains can cause more than just street flooding.

If a recent storm has left your home with water damage like this Somerset home, then be sure to call SERVPRO of East Bellevue for water mitigation work. We will... READ MORE

Do you have damage caused by a storm? We can help!

The severity of damage caused by water escalates the longer water sits. When the building components and contents stay wet it for estended periods of time it ca... READ MORE

Storms caused water damage that required professional mitigation

This home in Bellevue, WA suffered flood damage after a recent storm with heavy rain. SERVPRO of East Bellevue was notified and sent out crews immediately to as... READ MORE

Water damage clean up in Factoria, WA

Our SERVPRO of East Bellevue team recently responded to a residential water loss in Factoria, WA. Our SERVPRO team understands the stress and the inconvenience ... READ MORE

SERVPRO of East Bellevue is the only choice in Commercial Restoration

SERVPRO of East Bellevue is the best choice when it comes to water damage restoration in Bellevue, WA. No other company is faster and has the manpower/equipment... READ MORE

Water Damage in Eastgate, WA Home

Our SERVPRO of East Bellevue team received a call from a distressed homeowner who had come home from work to find water damage in her Eastgate, WA, home. After ... READ MORE